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Photo Credit: Kristen Basham
Photo Credit: Kristen Basham

Welcome to Katherine Bomkamp’s website! Katherine is globally known for her Pain Free Socket, a holistic prosthetic device that has the potential to eliminate phantom pain experienced by 80% of the world’s 10 million amputees. Katherine invented the Pain Free Socket at age 16, became the CEO of her first company, Katherine Bomkamp International (KBI) at age 19, and has been recognized internationally for her research, most notably by becoming the youngest person to present to the Royal Society of Medicine during the Summit on Innovation in London.

In 2014, Katherine joined Los Angeles-based engineering entertainment company Two Bit Circus as a creative strategist on the Learning Team, working to develop a nonprofit organization and assisting with efforts to create STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) focused learning programs for kids of all ages.  She remains incredibly passionate about supporting our wounded veterans and their families, as well as promoting STEAM education, research, and collaboration within the secondary education system.

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